Multi-function Oxygenic Diet Processor (ODP)


The highly effective method of cooking used by M-PLAN Multi-Function Oxygenic Diet Processor helps prepare delicious and highly nutritious food which is high oxygenic for you and your family. It can process the food into micro molecules, not only maintains food’s flavour, it also maintains the original nutrients without filtration required.


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West Malaysia (WM), East Malaysia (EM)

Excellent Functions

  • Using the patented triple blades and double blades stainless steel turbo. Awarded patent by the America and Taiwan.
  • The jug is made of Tritan material which is resistant to heat and cold. It is without any smell, odor, non-toxic and BPA free.
  • High performance in blending vegetables and fruits juice, soy milk, grinding meat, powder and paste etc.
  • The effect of propeller in the micro-molecular fiber process infuses a great amount of oxygen in the air to the food products, increasing the oxygen content and achieving the goal of health.

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