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Since its inception in 1996, M-PLAN has been working continuously on the tenet of building a unique career platform that promotes healthy living. We strive to create better business opportunities to fulfill your dreams, and we continue to provide quality products that bring you health and happiness. We uphold good values such as integrity and innovation that represent our unwavering mission. Taking Malaysia as a foothold, we set our vision onto the whole world! This is our mission and we resolutely strive for this noble mission to the fullness.

Corporate Culture

Awards & Merits

M-PLAN has won numerous awards with its quality products and outstanding services, with the ample proofs of market recognition for our superior marketing efforts. With these awards, M-PLAN is motivated and vowed to create the best business platform yet for all concerned!

Golden Eagle Award

Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards

6th Asia Super Excellence Master Award of Direct Sales

8th Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award

7th Asia Pacific Super Excellence Brand Award

SME 100 Fast Moving Company Award

Singapore Business Review International Business Award

21st Century The Prestigious Brand Award

Asia Pacific Brands Award

MIKI Corporation - The Promise of 50 Years

MIKI Corporation was established in 1966, and being the largest natural health supplement manufacturing company in Japan. Headquartered in Umeda, north of Osaka, it manages over two thousand distributors, with a yearly volume of business exceeds USD 1 billion. MIKI Corporation owns three manufacturing plants with modernized facilities, management and operation. Its factory in Nishinomiya has been awarded ‘Nishinomiya Natural Environment Award’. MIKI Corporation has been upholding the philosophy of “Healthy, Natural and Safe” for the past 50 years, just like how the Japanese is committed to a healthy lifestyle. It also promises to continue deliver high quality products to the consumer.

JAXA Space Food

MIKI Prune Extract is rich in vitamins and minerals. Not only ordinary people need MIKI Prune Extract to maintain their health, JAXA also chose MIKI Prune Extract as a Space Food to ensure that astronauts have sufficient nutrition in order to work in their best condition.

Entrepreneurial win-win business opportunities

M-PLAN is an international company that operates exclusively, provides high-quality health food and an O2O entrepreneurial platform. M-PLAN provides you with a golden opportunity for you to easily build your own business!

International Brands

M-PLAN was founded in 1996 and has been awarded many awards over the years, which fully affirmed the company’s precise marketing strategy and outstanding performance. With these awards, M-PLAN is motivated and continues to move towards the international stage, in Southeast Asia, and to the world.

Quality products

Natural, safe and reliable quality products are the core values ​​of M-PLAN for many years. M-PLAN is committed to promoting health care products to inherit the importance of health and let everyone enjoy a better quality of life.

Fair plan

M-PLAN provides an entrepreneurial platform where everyone can realize their dreams. A fair market plan helps you realize your desire for financial freedom. As long as you want, we promise to help your dream come true.

Ultra low investment

Caring for health is a health investment that pays the least but get rewarded the most. M-PLAN’s inherited health concept: the lowest health investment that everyone can afford. The health of the family is the most precious resource and asset, and caring for health is about managing resources and the most practical investment for the family.

Zero rate risk

We believe that the only zero-rate risk investment in life is to invest in health. We promise that everyone can enjoy the highest quality, most natural, and most trustworthy health care brands without any worries.

High success rate

Through the excellent team and sustainable management concept, unique brand and strong company background, coupled with the replication system, it has created amazing entrepreneurial results.