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Congratulation! Be becoming a M-PLAN distributor, you have made a wise decision that can provide an opportunity of being successful with a lucrative business of your own to manage.

You have given yourself the opportunity to realize your foodest dreams of providing a happier quality life for you and your family. At the same time, just at success begets success, you will quide your newworking force to be as successful as you.

In short, you have given yourself an opportunity to realize your foodest dreams of success in this free enterprise system.


As a distributor of M-PLAN, I agree to conduct my business in an ethical and professional manner at all times.

a. I shall abide and support the Company Rules and Procesures and the Direct Sales Act.

b. I shall offer the very best service to my customers.

c. I shall conduct myself in a manner that will not bring discredit and uphold the reputation of the company.

d. I shall make on claims in representing any of the company products other than such as approved by the company in writing.

e. I shall agree to the company’s addition or deletion of the contents in the Distributors Rules and Procedures so as to ensure a smooth business operation.

f. I shall leave it to the company’s discretion or the government’s discretion if I am found violation the Distributors Agreement, Company Rules and Procedures or the Direct Sales Act.



If products bought by distributors or customers are of inferior quality, we guarantee a replacement. However, this does damages due to expiry and negligence.


Any M-PLAN products carrying the words ’30 days money back satisfaction guarantee’ is an indication that the company guarantees money back or replacement for the purchase of personal or household items provided the products are returned within 30 days from the date purchase.

Note: Any customer who wishes to exchange any goods purchased can do so as long as he provides a good and valid reason and returns the said products in a re-saleable condition within 30 days from the date of purchase. Distributors wishing to exchange the said products must first submit the original customer receipt together with the said product to the Head Office.


An distributors are reminded to adhere strictly to an the provisions of the DIRECT SALES ACT 1993 with special emphasis on their conduct whilst negotiating sales. Any distributors who contravene any provisions of the DIRECT SALES ACT 1993 shall have his / her distribulor.;hip terminated with immediate effect.
Append below are some of the important points a distributor has to observe:


All distributors who wish to conduct business must carry the following :

a. National Registration Identifications Card (NRIC)

b. Distributorship Authority Card (DAC) bearing the signature of an authorized person of the Company.


In order to avoid committing an offence, always arrange for a prior appointment with your prospects or customers before calling upon them. DO NOT attempt to conduct business during prohibited hour.; without and appointment:

a. From 7.00pm to 9.00am daily.

b. On From a rest 7.00pm day to (some 9.00am states dally. observe Sunday whilst others observe Friday).

c. On a gazette Public Holiday at Federal and State Level.


If a distributor is requested to leave the premises of the customer, do not attempt to convince or push sales. but concede to the request.


A Sales Contract is required where the sales to the end consumer values exceed RM300.00 per transaction. Requirements are as follows :

a. The Sales Contract to be in writing.
b. Signatures by both customers and distributors must appear.
c. A copy of the contract duly signed by both parties to be given to the customer.
d. A Statement reading “This contract i5 subject to a cooling off period of ten (10) working days” to appear on the contract.
e. Details of products or services rendered must be clearly stated contract.


Under the Law, a cooling off period of ten (10) working days is required for the customers to consider the purchase of the product / service. The customer during this period can change his/ her mind as to whether he/ she wish to buy or return the product to the seller. No downpayment must be collected and no delivery of the product[s] to be effected during this cooling off period.


Should a customer require the product or service earlier than the cooling off period of 10 working days, he/ she can serve a Notice of Waiver after 72 hours has lapsed from the time the Soles Contract was signed. Upon receipt of the Notice of Waiver, the seller can deliver the product[s) and collect the payment accordingly.



a. Applicant must be 18 years and above.
b. Applicant must be sponsored by another distributor and the new distributor must complete a Distributor Application Farm together with the purchase of a Sales Kit, the only purchase requirement imposed.
c. Applicant must pay a registration fee of RM38.00 (West Malaysia] RM42.00 (East Malaysia) S$18.00 (Singapore) 8$20.00 (Brunei).


Any person, a registered company or corporation can apply to be an independent distributor of M-PLAN SDN. BHD. In the case of registration by company or corporation, applicant must submit:

a. Certificate of Incorporation / Registration of Proprietorship.
b. Memorandum and Articles of Association.

c. List of shareholders.

d. List of Director.

e. Directors Resolution authorizing the person signing the Distributor Application Form on behalf of the Company.


As an independent business person, a distributor is by no means an employee of the Company. He/she must not claim to represent the Company in whatsoever dealings or matters pertaining to the Company’s interest.


Distributors are responsible to declare all income earned to the relevant Tax Authority and pay all taxes due to the Tax Deportment accordingly.


Distributors must not use any trade names or trade no mes ov,,,ned by the Compnay other !hon materials officially released by the Company.


A Distributor shall not declare that he /she has exclusive territorial rights.


a. Advertising and promotional activities are the responsibility of the Company.
b. Distributors must not advertise the Company’s product, literature or use any written, recorded or other materials in any promotion which may implicate the Company in any manner.
c. Distributor.; may. however. direct their requests in writing to the Company for approval of any advertising and promotional exercise.
d. Distributors are fully responsible for all their statements be it verbal or written, mode on Company’s products, literature and compensation plan. The distributor agrees to indemnify the Company and hold ii harmless from any all legal liabilities, as a result of their unauthorized representation.


a. Distributor may purchase the Company’s products from Head Office, Branches and appointed stockists in the form of cash or cash vouchers issued by the Company.

b. All products Customer Price and Member Price (CP & DP) label are affixed by the Company. Distributors must not raise or lower the stipulated price.

c. Sell below purchase price will be deemed as price undercutting action. Company reserves the right to take disciplinary action on those suspected. This includes mobile stockiest. Special Authorize Agent (S.A.A). upline and downline.

d. Suspension of membership account, bonus and incentive of those suspected of price undercutting will take place without prior notice, while further investigations are being carried out.

e. Company will issue a notice to those suspected of price undercutting, and those suspected shall present with valid explanation at the Company’s premises within 14 days from date of notice issued. Otherwise, he/she will be deemed admitted for price undercutting and accepts the disciplinary actions taken by the Company.

f. During investigation period, the Company reserves the right for a verbal demand to those suspected to provide relevant evidence in defense to prove them not guilty. If those suspected fail to provide relevant evidence, they will be regarded as admitting to wrong doings and taken to accept the Company’s actions in this matter.

g. In the process of trading, distributors shall not give misleading information regarding the products, their qualities and functions.

h. Distributors are not permitted to issue a receipt for any products sold to customers.

i. Distributors are not permitted for relabeling or repackaging of any of the Company’s products.

j. No products or sales aids should be sold at any commercial fairs, shops, or any areas without the prior consent of the Company.

k. Distributors shall not in any way make any claims on the products other than those as set out in the Company’s literature and shall indemnify the Company in respect of any costs or damages arising from such misrepresentation.

l. Distributors are not permitted to diagnose or prescribe the Company’s products as specific treatment of any disease. The law of Ministry of Health does not permit specific claims or purported cure.


Distributors to deal honestly and fairly present the Company’s products and Business Opportunity to his / her customers and prospects. Misrepresentation shall include but not be limited to the following, with the final decision rest on the Company.

a. “Over-selling” the benefits of the products in any manner.

b. “Over selling” the earning potential of the Business Opportunity. The distributor shall not state that income is guaranteed and shall make it clear that the level of success depends on work and effort.


In the event of the death of a distributor, his / her distributorship will be passed on to legal heir. In order to affect the transfer:

a. Submit a copy of the Death Certificate.
b. Submit a duly completed Distributor Application Form of the legal heir.
c. Fulfil an responsibilities of the distributorship.


Should there be any misunderstanding or ambiguities, the E11Qlish Language shall prevail and be binding.


a. The Company Rules and Procedures constitute the entire under.;tonding of all parties with respect to the subject matter.
b. The Company reserves the right to make amendments / additions deemed necessary without prejudice to the Distributors. AH distributor.; shall be bound by any such future amendments or additions.


Each individual who becomes a M-PLAN SDN BHD distributor should read this section carefully. An explanation of the rights and responsibilities of both M-PLAN SDN BHD [hereinafter called the Company) and the distributors is explained.


When presenting the Company’s Compensation Plan, a distributor must:

a. Make clear to the new distributor that no remuneration is received for just sponsoring and
b. There is no requirement to make any purchase other than the Sales Kit to become a distributor


a. No renewal fees of distributorship is required once they are registered and being active.

b. Any distributor who has not been active for a calendar year or purchased less than 300BV in a calendar year will have their distributorship automatically terminated for non-active without notice.

c. Should the distributor fail to stay active as mentioned above, they may apply to the Company to continue their distributorship 2 months before the expiry date.

d. In the case of the distributorship being terminated as aforesaid, his/her downline will be transferred to his/ her immediate upline as an indirect downline.

e. After the first year of the distributorship, the Company shall charge an annual subscription fee of RM30.00 FROM ALL ACTIVE distributors for printing materials such as newsletter, brochures, etc. sent to them. The subscription fee would be deducted from their distributor bonus, if any, or otherwise there is a written request to pay by cash.


a. The company reserves the right to terminate the membership of any M-PLAN distributors involved with any direct or indirect lobbying, incitement or gathering of other distributors to carry out any legal or illegal business activities, or distributors involved in dissemination causing confusion, anger, anxiety, as well as activities that affect the interests or reputation of the company, or is/are in violation to the Direct Selling Act. The terminated distributor will not be compensated in any form, and the company reserves the rights to seek compensation for any reputation damage and loss.

b. The Company reserves the right to terminate distributor who fails to act in accordance with any provisions in the Direct Sales Act, Distributor Agreement or the Company Rules and Procedures.

c. The company will terminate the membership of any manager level distributors who are found to be involved or have invested in other legal or illegal multi-level marketing company, pyramid scheme banned by the government, or other illegal businesses.

d. A “Notice of Intent to Terminate” will be sent to the offending distributor last registered address bearing reasons for such action. The offending distributor will be given 14 working days to respond to such allegations. Failure to respond within the stipulated period will mean acceptance of termination and agreement to immediately cease representing himself/herself as distributor of the Company;

e. Decision of termination shall be made by A.R. registered to the last mailing address of the affected distributor. Contents shall bear reasons and date of termination and shall be final; and

f. When terminated, the offending distributor and his/ her spouse shall be black-listed and forbids to be registered as the Company distributor again. Any such termination shall be without compensation of any kind to the distributor but without prejudice to the Company’s rights to institute whatever legal proceedings deemed necessary for the recovery of any sum or prestige lost and/or goodwill suffered by the Company.


Each distributor who has resigned or was terminated for non-active and intends to re-register as a distributor again must re-apply as a new distributor, subject to the approval by the Company with the conditions as below:

a. Termination For Non Active Re-registration as a new distributor is permitted after 3 months of termination for non-active subject to the approval of the Company.

b. Volunteer Resignation

i. He/she is not involved in any activities and business of the Company for at least 6 consecutive months before resignation. Re-registration as a new distributor is allowed after 1 month of resignation subject to the approval of the Company:

ii. He/she is not involved in any activities and business of the Company for at least 4 consecutive months before resignation. Re-registration as a new distributor is allowed after 2 months of resignation subject to the approval of the Company;

iii. He/she is not involved in any activities and business of the Company for at least 1 month before resignation. Re-registration as a new distributor is allowed after 3 months of resignation subject to the approval of the Company:

c. The Company reserves the right to reject the application for re-registration without assigning any reason whatsoever.



A married couple must be sponsored as a single distributorship. Therefore, both husband and wife may not participate in different lines, generations or organizations. Of two independent distributors had operated their independent business and subsequently married, they have the following options:

a. Terminate either one of the distributorship:

b. Continue to develop both organizations if both positions are at Diamond Manager (DM) level and above. However, if one partner is at DM level and other is not, then, one of them has to resign and join the other partner as co-applicant.


6.1 Definition for undercutting:

a. Sponsor a registered member’s spouse; or

b. Sponsor a registered member from others group; or

c. Use another person’s membership to conduct own group’s sales; or

d. Use a terminated member’s membership to conduct own group’s sales; or

e. Allow member from others group to use own membership to conduct own group’s sales; or

f. As a registered member and use third party’s name to conduct others group’s sales.

6.2 The company reserves the right to take the following actions against distributors who are suspected of being involved in undercutting activities:

a. Suspension of membership account, bonus and incentive of undercutting member, the person been sponsored and suspected of it, shall take place without prior notice. while further investigation being carried out. The Company reserves the right to issue a notice to those suspected. and those suspected shall present with valid explanation at the

b. Company’s premises within 14 days from date of notice issued. Otherwise, he/she will be deemed admitted for undercutting and accepts the disciplinary actions taken by company.

c. During investigation period, the Company reserves the right for a verbal demand to those suspected to provide relevant evidence in defense to prove them out guilty. If those suspected fail to provide relevant evidence, they will be regarded as admitting to wrong doings and taken to accept the Company’s actions in this matter.

d. Handling complaints of victims of undercutting: Victims of undercutting may submit their official complaints to the Company within 6 months from the date of incident, upon the result of investigation, the Company will transfer the group sales back to its the original sponsor group, and victim of undercutting may reasonably claim back any lasses from the person who preform undercutting.

e. The Company reserves the right to remain all the details of the investigation confidential and the final decision on the matter, and reserves the right for future investigates.


a. Every distributor has right changes sponsorship of Selling. However, two existing distributors claim be sponsor the same new distributor, the Company shall regard first application form received approved the Company the rightful There be legal claims against Company.

b. The Company may consider change of sponsorship under exceptional case, for example, there any proof unethical sponsoring sponsor.


in the case of a sale, the conditions (with the exception of the price) must be firstly be approved by the Company before it can be concluded. Firstly, the buyer must be a distributor of the Company. Secondly, the offer should be made to distributors in the following sequence :

a. The sponsor

b. If the sponsor rejects, then offer to all his/her own group.

In the event of such sale, all bonus accruing to the distributor after the sale will be paid to the new distributor but all previous awards will not be transferred.

In the case of division or separation of a distributorship as a result of divorce, partnership or company dissolution, arrangement shall be made in such a way which will not adversely affect the interest of the distributorship of the Company.


The following modes of payment may be accepted when placing an order from the Company :

a. Cash;

b. Cashier’s Order or Money Order made payable to the Company:

c. Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) or by Direct Credit to the Company’s bank account is allowed. Copies of proof of credit must be forwarded by fax or mail before goods can be delivered. Commission for outstation cheques to be included.

Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad T.T.D.I Branch, K.L.

A/C No : 514271320393



Bank : Hong Leong Bank Berhad Raja Laut Branch, K.L. : 03900009263
A/C No : 03900009263

d. For all other modes of payment such as cheques, etc., delivery of goods will be effective after clearance of such payment by the respective bank. For facilitation of fast and efficient delivery, please state the following: Full Name, Address, Distributor’s Code No. and Tel. No.

e. Amount for delivery charges to be included for orders less than RM1,000.00 and RM1,500.00 for Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia respectively. Not applicable to Auto Delivery Programme & Fax or Mail-In Order Programme.


The success of the business is built on sales and service to the customers as well os on family consumption. The Company strictly prohibits any distributor from purchasing a large quantity or unreasonable amount of products solely for the purpose of qualifying for promotion in the compensation plan.


The Company will buy back the products in a resaleable condition from any distributor who has resigned. Conditions on Buy-Back Policy

a. The goods must be returned within 6 months from date of purchase together with proof of purchase;
b. The returned goods must be in its original condition;
c. 10% of Distributor Price vvill be deducted for administration cost of goods returned;
d. Any bonus/commission already paid to the distributor and the distributor’s uplines would be deducted from the returned goods;
e. Refund for the returned goods would be released 3 months after finalizing the retum.


a. Distributors are entitled to return products due to manufacturing defect within 10 days from the date of purchase of the products. However, at the Company’s discretion, distributors may return their products no exceeding 30 days from the date of purchase. A full refund shall be given for all defective goods that are returned and accepted by the Company. All returned products must be in its original undamaged condition.

b. Product guild books, promotion items, samples and Sales Kit are non refundable.


a. An bonuses and incentives earned by distributors will be remitted to them directly by the Company. However, should the Distributor Order Form submitted not carry the name of distributor, the distributor identification number of NRIC, bonus will not be calculated for the particular Distributor Order Form.

b. The last day of each month is considered the closing date for the previous month’s sales. If the last day falls on a public holiday, then the next working day is considered as closing date.

c. All bonuses and incentive paid to distributors are calculated based on the Bonus Value 9BV) of the Cash Bill or Distributor Order Forms submitted by the distributors/stockiest before the closing date.

d. Distributors must check their statements to ensure that calculation is correct. Any errors, dispute, or discrepancy concerning the monthly bonus calculation or claims of non receipt of bonus must be brought to the attention of the Company in writing within 14 days from the dale of issuance of bonus.

e. Any bonus claimed must be mode within 90 days from the date of bonus issued. Any bonus claimed after the 90 days period will not be entertained.

f. Bonus and incentive will be paid by crossed cheques posted directly to the distributors. Any bonus/incentives below RM100/- will be paid in the form of vouchers which can be used for redemption of the Company’s products or exchanged for cash at Head Office, Branches or authorized stockiest centre.

g. All incentives and bonuses that are offered by the Company are valid and redeemable only whilst the distributor’s agreement is in force. The Company reserves the right to duct at any time, any/all money owed by him/her to the Company from any bonuses due to him/her.

h. The Distributors are obliged to update their mailing addresses and keep the Company informed. The Company shall not be liable for any loss of mails. Should the distributor request the Company to make cheque cancellation and reissue or whatsoever reasons for the first time, both the Company and distributor shall bear all the bank charges equally. After which, the distributors shall bear all the bank charges accordingly.


1. Transit Time Domestically

In general, domestic shipments are in transit for 2 – 7 days.

2. Dispatch Time

Orders are usually dispatched within 2 business days of payment of order. Our warehouse operates on Monday – Friday during standard business hours, except on national holidays at which time the warehouse will be closed. In these instances, we take steps to ensure shipment delays will be kept to a minimum.

3. Change Of Delivery Address

You can only change your shipping address before you place your order. Once payment has been completed, no changes can be made.

4.Items Out Of Stock

If an item is out of stock, we will wait for the item to be available before dispatching your order. Existing items in the order will be reserved while we await this item.

5. Delivery Time Exceeded

If delivery time has exceeded the forecasted time, please contact us so that we can conduct an investigation.


You can only cancel your order before payment completed, Once payment has been completed, no changes can be made.