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Health foundation for expectant mothers and babies

During pregnancy, your eating habits will be directly affecting the health of baby. This period is the highest nutrient demand in a woman’s life. The higher nutritional requirements during pregnancy are to allow the rapid growth and development of foetus, and also to increase the mother’s nutritional reserves. MIKI Prune Extract is rich in folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, iron and zinc. These nutrients are all essential nutrients for expectant mothers and babies. Therefore, drinking prune extract every day is good for the health of mothers and help in the growth and development of foetuses. In particular, expectant mothers are recommended to take natural and safe health products. MIKI Prune Extract is the best choice of natural health products. Building a healthy foundation starts with MIKI Prune Extract!

  • Promote foetal nerve cell and brain development
  • Improve pregnancy discomfort
  • Promotes metabolism of pregnant women
  • Promote the production of foetal immune system
  • Promote the formation of foetal red blood cells
  • Prevent anaemia and constipation during pregnancy